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Retreat in Parsalli, 4rd October 2013- 6th October 2013 October 24, 2013

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I was dreading this retreat right from the minute it was mentioned. I was not sure what to expect. Going beyond Delhi from your comfort zone is always a concern, but I was excited. All my expectations came true.

The fresh air, healthy food and a gadget free world really distressed me and I realised that this was what i really needed.

As our vehicle took us farther away from Satna into the jungles, in order to protect myself from mosquito bites odomos came as a big help, but then mosquitoes seemed to be small when we heard the driver share stories of bear who maul humans .

For us travelling with my colleagues it was exciting as we were laughing and sharing stories, but then something funny happened- I found myself in a world untouched and pure. In the midst of the tall green trees, thick vegetation, I witnessed a world that glows in the night; I had never seen a sky so thickly populated with stars. Each star looked down upon me and talked amongst themselves and made fun of me every now and then saying, “silly, you don’t know what you have been missing all your life”. I felt special when i was warned against stepping out of the premises unguarded!. I hoped with all my heart to get attacked by a giant bear…will I be courageous enough to fight him or will I be saved by my prince  by my team mates! Not likely…there were more chances of me and my team mates ending up in his stomach.  By the first morning i realised that the unpolluted environment had made me ravenous and I could have eaten  the bear myself.

I made new friends that I always wanted. Beyond projects and teams we have come close. Our whispering in the room, our craziness when we went to the shore of river Son, and our giggling at night talking about the events of the entire day, I have made true  friends who I know will be my strength professionally and personally.   And it has not stopped us from taking moments from our professional  work environments within CHSJ and laugh and share stories.

Friends…this is a blog! And i can’t write stories here.., in fact i not only fell in love with the place, but I became a part of people’s lives whom I met in Parsalli, the villagers in the village that I visited as well as the community activists though passionate about their work also liked  to sing, dance, share, take pride in entertaining their guests, they loved to talk to you and were curious about our lives in the city and what we did, for a change somebody took time to sit with us and share not only their stories but also listened to ours. . I am humbled by their simplicity, honesty and courage to fight for and dream of the much awaited change.

 Would I like to go there again Yes! this is the piece of heaven that i would not mind going again.

Madhulika Masih


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