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“My feet still ache” May 21, 2013

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On 28th April 2013, CHSJ helped set up and participated in a rally for Justice and Peace at Select Citywalk mall.  This is the reaction of Shreeti Shakya.

It was another successful event and my feet still ache. Day started past noon wondering how I’d manage under the hot sun. After reaching the venue, it all began with an orientation by the organisers to all of us volunteers. Understanding our role we got going into putting up banners in every nook and corner of the mall and later being upset on being asked to remove those which were draped down from the 1st floor balcony. The heat didn’t bother us as much as hunger and thirst did, yet we chose to complete the display work before sitting down to eat.

This event was much different from that of OBR, planned in a short time span but yet went well. The crowd was less in the beginning but increased as the event progressed or I should say when the dynamic singer went on stage. My role in the evening was to be at the registration desk and I spent that evening explaining to the known, familiar and the unknown about the cause for which all of us were present there. Met all kinds of people- some wanted all the material available on the table, some just wanted to register themselves, some did both and some ran far away when I tried to reach out.

It was nice to hear from many men that they believed in the cause and were in support of all that was being said. Some young school boys even came back to take extra stickers, posters and pamphlets for their teachers and the school principal.

At the end of all the excitement there was anger too. Could not figure out if the organisers had inadequate water provision for their volunteers or was it that my desk was in a corner (the marginalised one).  It was great to learn that teamwork has once again proved to be successful in organising an event with a cause as within so less time respected organisations did their bit of work which made the event a successful one. It was nice to hear the role of men and families to speak up and spread the awareness.  Many men were interested in the cause of the event and some men were interested in getting themselves involved, we could provide them that space. For a change upper class women shared about violence in their families.


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