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“I enjoyed a lot” May 21, 2013

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On 28th April 2013, CHSJ helped set up and participated in a rally for Justice and Peace at Select Citywalk mall.  This is the reaction of Anita Gulati.

I got to know some days before that one event will happen in Select City Walk which will be organised by primarily with the help of Jagori, Sangat, Action Aid and others. So Lavanya briefed us about that. As it was falling on Sunday so I was not very happy about it as we have also great home related work for which we get only one holiday and we are not free on Sunday due to this event.  But it was conflict in my mind only for some time and I again prepared myself for the Event work. Also I was excited about the event as this was the first time; I am going to see live show of some celebrity.

When we reached Select City Walk for the preparations there were only a couple of people.  They were waiting for the volunteers from other organisations also but they were continuously saying that we are on our ways from last 2 hours. So at last she briefed us about the plan for the next 1 hour and divide responsibility as we can’t wait for other volunteers anymore as time was running from our hands. She gave us responsibility in three groups of hanging banners all over the way, and arranging tables for display. First we arranged table on one side. Then we started putting CHSJ flexes on different places. As it was very light, flexes were flying so we tied them with some support. After this we put banners. And went to the other team who were arranging banners in a large area for helping them so that work will finish fast and we can have our lunch as by that time everybody was very hungry. After lunch we set up our registration table with material on both sides. We were again called for the planning meeting as by that time other volunteers also came. So she briefed us that we have to manage crowd, media persons and handle registration desks.  For celebrity, there was core team.  So she divided these responsibilities between us. My responsibility was to manage registration desk. I succeeded in disseminating knowledge to many people.  Lavanya was also helping me in this by calling people. Around by 7.30 I joined Lavanya for distributing flags and placards. Then we just sat and keeping an eye that everything is going smoothly. When Usha Utthap started to sing, suddenly Shabana Azmi came in the open area to dance. Then we immediately run for crowd management. We made a human chain around her.  That was really amazing, she was dancing very close to us. After that till the end, we managed the crowd as the place got very rowdy. That is new thing for me. I enjoyed a lot that evening.

The challenge I faced was management of works of my home and baby as only Sunday is the day when we can do our own works and can give time to the baby. So managing that was really a challenge for me. But I managed it successfully.


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