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“A necessary step” May 21, 2013

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On 28th April 2013, CHSJ helped set up and participated in a rally for Justice and Peace at Select Citywalk mall.  This is the reaction of Phillip Perl.

For the event, I came to the office around noon and helped transport and set up banners/tables, etc. ahead of time, and sat at the table distributing FEM materials as people came. The event itself I thought was incredibly energetic and successful.  All the performers were emotional and talented, and the crowd was glued to the stage. I know this kind of awareness-raising event is only the first step in making a societal difference, but it is a necessary step, and couldn’t have gone better. I had a lot of fun dancing towards the end, and I know hundreds of others did too, and we all left with a feeling a greater purpose. We were dancing together as a response to the ongoing VAW in the news, and that together as a society we can will our way to a more gender equitable city and country.

It was challenging that many of the other volunteers arrived late, but I was very impressed by the event’s organizers staying calm and facilitating tasks efficiently, and getting everything set up properly. Many people deserve credit for a successful event!


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