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A double decker memory from the past December 14, 2012

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I get my tickets to Jaipur and discover that I am travelling in a double decker. A double decker train! I wondered again. Have never heard of a double decker train. Had high hopes from the train. I immediately linked the name to the very-very old memory of the double decker bus I rode with my grandfather in Srinagar, on a special and two-day long persistent demand.

Sarai Rohilla, again a dip in the heart. Sarai Rohilla is where this train starts from in Delhi. It runs up and down the same day between Jaipur and Delhi. I heard from a few passengers that this is in place of the Pink City train that was shut down many years back for a reason unknown to me.

Had a good trip in Jaipur, met my work objectives and then boarded the Ajmer Shatabdi. Just before entering Delhi, in the cool mist at the gate of the train, from the store emerged the officials of the train, packing in sips of liquor and smoke. Then was the ride home.

No conclusions, just that we never miss partners in crime in Delhi.

By Leena Uppal, in Jaipur during 12-13 December 2012, for a State Consultation on Two-Child Norm.


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