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Seems like a Dream! September 17, 2012

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I had been thinking about the trip since the day we were told that we are going for the trip. It was the first time I would be traveling in a big gang – With The Gang. It was until the last hour that I became aware that the gang would have to get into smaller gangs because of the dispersed allotment of seats in different coaches and then my thought to feel like we own the boggy was run down. Nonetheless as we got into the sleeper coach of the train with ‘S5’ written on it and within an hour we managed to get half the gang to the same coach –half the mission accomplished.

After some quality conversations which I do not remember I slept off and the next moment when my eyes I could here, ‘Get up, get ready we have reached’..did I really sleep ?? Just another 5 minutes of sleep and my sleep would be complete- this is what I was thinking when I saw the river running parallel to the tracks that our train was moving in. I popped my head out to see more of the clear waters but they seemed to disappear as we headed towards our destination- Kathgodam station.

I was out of the train and there were hills all over. The station here seemed cleaner than the one in Old Delhi, don’t know if the hills made me feel that. Another one hour drive and we reached our final destination (of the trip). That was hour was a dreadful one. Every bit of the atmosphere and scene was picturesque but had to keep myself upright and looking straight to avoid getting sick due to the windings of the road.

We were now there in Bhimtal and ready for the Utsav- the celebration of 20 grand years completed by Sahayog. The two day session was very enriching. Every moment of the stories told were intriguing, it touched me deep down.

The Utsav was over by lunch the next day. We headed for Nainital as planned. Half hour drive from Bhimtal and we were higher up among the hills with a beautiful lake in between. A long walk on the side of the lake enhanced the view as we had the mist covered lake on one side and the tempting shopping lane on the other. The mall road led us to the Tibetan market where we had some delicious momos.

Among the mountains we were in the hill station which didn’t look like one. We were lucky to visit it in the off season. Many of us managed to shop- jams, pickles, handicraft, and some beautiful candles.

Unwilling we had to head towards the car to return to Kathgodam. Oh the speed the driver took off at..even an inch away from the road could take the down into the gorges. Just on time we reached the station got into the train but without any food..who cared for the moment…we reached that was great…food was arranged….each one was tired and slept off without much hustle and bustle.

Within few hours we were back to the capital before dawn to face some noise, smell and crowd with our eyes half closed and sleepy..It was my first early morning ride in an auto…reached home slept and was back to office….it all seems like a awesome one indeed.

By Shreeti Shakya


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